The DailyPay Movement

Payroll hasn't changed since the 18th century and Americans aren't satisfied anymore with the status quo. We started the DailyPay Movement to change things.

Our Story

We had an idea.

What if by offering employees instant access to earned wages, we could improve their financial lives? Would this be a company benefit worth staying for?

The rest is (our) history

  • In 2015, we signed up our first company. They had 34 employees.

  • In 2016, 1% of the American workforce had access to DailyPay.

  • In 2017, that number grew to 5%

  • By 2020, we are confident that over half of the American workforce will be paid daily.

Every great movement has its imitators.

While we are flattered by imitation, it can also be confusing for the marketplace. So we filed a patent. Here's what offering true DailyPay means for you and your employees.

Great for Employees

  • It's instant
  • Works with any bank account or payroll card
  • No restrictions or hidden fees. Ever.

Great for Businesses

  • Works with any existing payroll system
  • No day-to-day management
  • No requirement to pre-fund payroll

It's time that you joined the DailyPay Movement.