How much will this cost you and your employees?

DailyPay offers the lowest and most transparent fees in the industry. There are no hidden costs or surprise fees. Period.

Fees can be employee paid, employer paid, or a combination of both

  • $1.99

    DailyPay Next-Day

    For ACH (next business day) transfers

  • $2.99

    DailyPay Instant

    For instant transfers, 24/7/365

There are no other costs. None. Zero.

For employers there are...

  • No startup or ongoing maintenance costs

  • No changes to payroll processes

  • No requirement to pre-fund payroll

  • No changes to timeclock processes

For employees it is...

  • Completely free to sign up

  • Does not require any special payroll card

  • A powerful tool to help avoid late fees, overdrafts, and payday loans

  • Peace of mind, with funds available when they need it at the click of a button

How your company saves


  • $
  • $
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